New non-repayable loans

For young entrepreneurs and professionals

New non-repayable loans to encourage entrepreneurship among the under-35s and over 50s, both in entrepreneurial activity and in the professions.

Non-repayable loans for young entrepreneurs, but not only: the new support plan for entrepreneurial activities and self-employment signed by the Lombardy Region also helps the less young, that is the over 50s. To apply for these unsecured loans you need to to be in the start-up phase, with a commitment to open the VAT number within 90 days from the promulgation of the decree of admission to financing, or to resume the activity previously exercised and interrupted for less than 2 years. The name of the initiative is Intraprendo and, in summary, it provides for the provision of liquidity partly drawn from the resources available under non-repayable loans, and partly disbursed as subsidized zero-interest bank financing. The amount of the capital that can be granted ranges from a minimum of 25,000.00 euros to a maximum of 65,000.00 euros.

For young entrepreneurs and professionals

The disbursement of the loan is bound to the presentation: of the documentation necessary for admission to the rankings; of a project (start-up or restart of the activity), whose budget value cannot be less than 41,700.00 euros. This project, which will be financed at most for 65% of its cost, must be completed within 18 months of the decree validating the granting of the loan. In the case of those between the ages of 35 and 50, the financial aid given by the credit institution and the non-repayable loans may cover, at most, 60% of the cost of implementing the project. The information and details on the documentation to be attached to the application and on the online transmission of the same can be found at the Lombardy Region website, in the “Discounts” section.

The notice also specifies that, although requests relating to any type of entrepreneurial and / or professional initiative are admitted, start-ups or companies in temporary difficulty that are characterized by high innovation and technological content will be privileged; in other words, such non-repayable loans can clearly go to finance the purchase of new machinery or assets for the start or resumption of activity, but the financial coverage is assured if one opts for a hyper-technological endowment and to the such as to allow the company, or the professional, to distinguish itself from the remaining offer on the market. The available endowment of these unsecured loans is approximately 7,027,000.00 euros and the applications are accepted until the resources are exhausted.