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The credit not only serves to pay debts and you can ask for it when you don’t need it.

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Some experts consider that applying for a payday loan is much smarter when you do not need it, the reason is that at that time it is understood that your personal finances are healthy, you have no debt or are controlled.

Under these circumstances, you can afford to intelligently occupy that money, for example, for a business, this will help you to have other income.

But not for all the above you should think lightly of credit, remember that it is not an extension of your salary or income, it is money that you will have to pay, so you will have to commit your income for some time and adjust your expenses.

You should also take into account that the financial institution that will lend you the credit will charge you an interest rate for the total amount, so you should compare it. Another data that you should check is the Total Annual Cost (CAT) of the financing, this refers to the total cost of hiring the product.

According to the National Commission of Financial Services, the NCFS is composed of, in addition to the interest rate, the commissions that are integrated into the cost of financings, such as the commission for opening, expenses of Research, and even life insurance, it all depends on the requested credit.

Once you have that data, make your budget, you know, your income is subtracted from your savings and fixed expenses, the remainder is your ability to borrow or pay.

Do you have enough to pay for that financing?

If the numbers tell you that you can, then what you should do now is to maintain a good administration, during the validity of the credit, this will help to avoid embezzlement.

For this reason, you should always plan your purchases thinking that you have fixed expenses that you cannot turn around since now you have also committed to a credit that you must pay or your credit history will be affected.

On paper everything is always better, nobody likes to have support, so in an agenda, or even on your cell phone, you can mark the deadlines for your payments, this so that you constantly remember your payment date and do not pay Interests for a forgetfulness.

Being responsible with credit not only speaks well of you

But it will also be recorded in your credit history. Keeping it in order is the best way to continue being subject to credit on future occasions and perhaps for larger amounts, as you have behaved.