You Won’t Believe How Much a 1000 Euros Payday Loan Can Cost You

Postal service Italy payday loans are usually very flexible and suitable for various needs. If you find yourself facing a problem or an unexpected expense, you may decide to resort to a mini loan that could solve the situation. However, many financial institutions do not grant loans below a certain amount. If you only need a small amount to cover unexpected expenses, it would be convenient for you to request a Mini Loan.

Postal service Italy has provided for Mini Loans to be requested online or directly at the post office; these mini loans are designed for PostePay Evolution card holders and have an amount ranging from a minimum of € 1000 to a maximum of € 3000. These are small loans designed to deal with small projects or unexpected expenses; the loan will be repaid comfortably in 22 monthly installments of a fixed amount. Requesting a Mini Postal Bank loan is really simple, in this article I will explain the various steps to be taken to obtain this loan.

The Mini Postal Bank loan is definitely a practical and safe method to get a small loan that will help you carry out your projects. But let’s examine the characteristics of this mini loan in detail.

Mini Postal Bank payday loans

The Postal Bank mini loan is a small payday loan designed for those who need a small amount to request with extreme comfort.

This Mini Loan is the ideal solution if you want to get a small amount to start some projects, to meet unexpected expenses, or simply to buy something important for you or your family. The Postal Bank mini loan is a solution designed for Postal service Italy customers who already hold a PostePay Evolution card. This is a really simple and convenient solution, in fact this loan can be requested very easily both online and in any post office.

Once you have requested this mini loan in the most convenient way, the amount requested will be paid, upon approval, directly to your PostePay Evolution account. At that point you will have the requested sum that you will then have to repay in 22 fixed installments.

The characteristics of the payday loan

But what are the characteristics of the Mini Postal Bank loan? Well, first of all it is a mini loan, in fact the sum you can request goes from a minimum of € 1000 to a maximum of € 3000. It is therefore an ideal loan for those who need small amounts.

The Postal Bank mini loan can be requested by all PostePay Evolution cardholders who are aged between 18 and 76 years of age at the end of the refund. Furthermore, those applying for the loan must be resident in Italy and have a demonstrable income. You can also easily request the Postal Bank mini loan even if you do not hold a Postal Bank current account or a bank account.

The Postal Bank mini loan has practically the same characteristics as other types of loans, the only difference lies in the possibility of being able to request a loan “mini sum”. The requested sum will then be reimbursed in 22 installments which will have a fixed monthly amount and which can be paid by debit on PostePay Evolution card or, obviously if you are the holder, by debiting a postal current account.

How to get the Postal Bank mini loan

The mode of request for the Postal Bank Mini loan is really immediate and very simple. To apply for the Mini Loan you will first have to find the Post Office closest to you, then you will need to call the toll-free number 800.00.33.22 and make an appointment with a consultant of Postal service Italy, at this point you just have to go to the office on the day established where you can establish the plan best suited to you and apply for the Mini Loan.

In order to apply for the Mini loan Postal Bank you will have to present the documentation that I will go to list:

  • Valid identity document
  • Health insurance card
  • Income document

If you are a foreign citizen, in addition to the documents we have previously listed, you must also present:

  • Passport
  • Residence card or residence permit valid
  • Document attesting that you have resided in Italy for at least 12 months (if you are an employee) or 36 months (if you are self-employed)
  • Document certifying that you work for at least 1 continuous months with the same employer

Once you have made the application and submitted all the required documentation, you will have to wait for approval. Keep in mind that the granting of the loan is always subject to approval by the issuer of the loan, in this case Postal service Italy. Furthermore, in order to better assess the credit situation of those applying, they may ask you to submit additional documentation compared to the one already presented together with the mini loan request. Once the approval is received, the amount you have requested will be credited directly to your PostePay Evolution card.

Requirements and repayment of the loan

Requirements and repayment of the loan

Now let’s review what are the requirements to get a Postal Bank mini loan:

  • Be PostePay Evolution card holders
  • Being aged between 18 and 76 years
  • Being resident in Italy
  • Have a demonstrable income produced in Italy

If you are in possession of these requirements, you can apply in the manner described above. Once the approval has been obtained, the sum you have requested, which I remind you goes from 1000 to 3000 Euros, will be credited to PostePay Evolution.

As regards the terms of the repayment, the Postal Bank mini loan provides for the repayment of the entire sum in 22 installments from the fixed amount. The expected monthly amount will be debited either on the PostePay Evolution card account or by debiting from a postal current account. The monthly installments will expire on the 15th or the 30th of each month until the full repayment of the sum. In addition, the mini Postal Bank loan also provides for the possibility of being able to pay off the loan amount in advance. Once the withdrawal period has elapsed, ie 14 days after the loan has been issued, you can settle the loan in advance at any Post Office and without any early termination penalty.

Choosing the Postal Bank mini loan is certainly advantageous because you will be able to request a small sum, you can pay it off in 22 installments and you can also pay off the loan early. All this by comfortably presenting an application at the post office of your choice.